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Collection Details

  • Only 10,000 daptors will be minted
  • Collect all your favorite raptors in style!
  • 100 OG daptors contain transparent copies for falconry (see below)
  • We authorize the current NFT holder to make unlimited copies of their NFT image
  • We authorize the current NFT holder to use their NFT image to make profits or use the image without references required
  • We revoke all rights to the NFT holder when they sell or transfer the NFT and move said rights to the new holder

OG Mint

The initial OG mint will contained just 100 raptors. This release contains 5 unique species of raptors modeled off of real species. Each species also contains a rare varient (10% rarity). As a reward for being early, each OG raptor includes an exclusive OG ring. Additionally, the OG mint had a reduced cost of 20 ada per raptor.

Season 2

Season 2 will launch a new concept of fully on chain, interactive, customizable NFTS. Season 2 introduces 5 new species of owls to the raptors.


While daptors make great standalone NFTs, they also each contain a link to a transparent copy directly in the metadata that can combine with your favorite pfp. This allows all your favorite NFTs to become falconers as demonstrated below! Exact instructions are given in our discord - please reach out for help if needed!


Fully on chain references (Season 2)

A cardano NFT has a size limit of 16kb (~12 kb before formatting json). This means most on chain NFTs are either pixel art or highly compressed jpegs. However, Dapper Raptors uses a novel approach of storing multiple layers of vector graphics in separate on chain NFTs. This allows the entire collection to have unparalleled on-chain quality. Compare to other on chain projects

Because each layer (And not the full NFT) is on chain, it also reduces the chain bloat that some on chain NFTs have a bad reputation for. The entire on chain library for season two will take up around 1MB of uncompressed data, about the size of an IPFS 5k collection.

Infinitely Scalable (Season 2)

Due to the entire NFT being vector driven, it is infinitely scalable (on the app) for massive printer friendly copies being easy to generate. This also allows zooming into specific features or getting closeups typically not possible in an NFT



As each layer is independently stored on chain, cycling through layers is possible, for example trying out different hats for a day out.

They can also be randomized (by the NFT holder!) for infinite possibilities



Each layer and accessory is its own NFT. The Dapper Raptor app automatically loads any accessories in the same wallet as the main NFT and uses those NFTs as the layers made available to cycle and randomize through

Each NFT will be minted with 10 free accessory NFTs - and accessories in the future will be purchasable as standalone NFTs. Additionally any owned layer can be separately sold on any secondary marketplaces. The Daptor token takes this a step further - by reading any owned $daptor in a wallet and automatically generating a coin(s) accessory in copper/silver/gold based on the amount of $daptor in a wallet:

1-20k = 1-6 copper coins
200k-50m 1-6 silver coins
50m - 100b 1-6 gold coins

Falconry (OG)

While OG daptors make great standalone NFTs, they also each contain a link to a transparent copy directly in the metadata that can combine with your favorite pfp. This allows all your favorite NFTs to become falconers as demonstrated below! Exact instructions are given in our discord - please reach out for help if needed!

This swallow tailed kite we minted above could befriend a chilled kong, such as this one owned by @BullishAlex


This roadmap is a general guideline to the direction of the project. Phases and timelines subject to change.

2022-05-28 OG Season

A limited 100 daptors were released.

The last daptor was reserved and sold for Hosky.

2022-09-18 $daptor token

$daptor token was created and distributed

All OG NFT holders were eligible to claim $daptor

Future airdrops will include new NFTS, but OG NFT holders will remain eligible in future drops as well

~2022-09-23 Discord tip bot

We added a discord tip bot that allows tipping and dispersion of the any Cardano native asset.

This tip bot is currently free for any project to use as needed

~2022-Q4 Second Season

Season 2 will be arriving soon

Check our discord and twitter for previews/updates

~2023-Q1 Accessories

A store/ability to buy new accessories

$daptor specific accessories

~2023-Q2 Voting

While $daptor is mainly a utility token to be used with your daptors, it will be used to vote on the future phases of the project if needed.

~2024 and beyond
  • Our community/token holders will help define future phases
  • Seasons will continue into the future until all 10k are minted
  • Daptors will continue to get more dynamic and fun as future features are planned and introduced

$daptor Token


1 Trillion tokens have been minted on the cardano blockchain and the policy ID ffe85e...162d32 is locked.

  • 50% will be airdropped to NFT token holders throughout seasons.
    • Earlier season NFTs will participate in future season drops.
    • Airdrops use https://tosidrop.io
  • 40% is reserved for the treasury for marketing, giveaways, promotions, etc
  • 10% is reserved for the founders


  • Daptor token is an on chain, infinately scalable vector image
  • This token is designed as a utility to encourage fun with the project, it is NOT an investment or designed to hold value
  • Early utilities will include a special dynamic coin holder layer only available to $daptor holders to indicate $daptor holdings. Specifics will be revealed in season 2 launch.
  • Season 2 will not implement $daptor as a token purchase, but future accessories are planned to be purchased with $daptor.
  • Future planned (but not confirmed) utility would include community voting, minting bonuses, etc


There is currently no mint open.

Season 2 is complete!

Great Horned Owl Mint was 11/5/2022 @1pm UTC

Little Owl Mint was 11/12/2022 @2pm UTC

Barn Owl Mint was 11/19/2022 @3pm UTC

Eastern Screech Owl Mint was 11/26/2022 @3pm UTC

Snowy Owl Mint was 12/2/2022 @3pm UTC

Meet the team

We combined technical and artistic talents together to create something unique for the cardano blockchain.



Having a degree in digital media, Conrad is the designer behind the art of the NFT collection.



Having a degree in Computer Science, Daniel is a Cardano enthusiast and full time software architect.

"Cardano is my passion and hobby."



Heather adds creativity and fun to the project!